AWS Cloud Development Kit Hands On (CDK)

Firgure 1 — Overview
Run Step by step below statements on AWS console like as Figure 2# 1. install the CDKsudo npm install -g aws-cdk# directory name must be cdk-app/ to go with the rest of the tutorial, changing it will cause an errormkdir cdk-appcd cdk-app/# initialize the applicationcdk init --language javascript# verify it works correctlycdk ls# install the necessary packagesnpm install @aws-cdk/aws-s3 @aws-cdk/aws-iam @aws-cdk/aws-lambda @aws-cdk/aws-lambda-event-sources @aws-cdk/aws-dynamodb# 2. copy the content of cdk-app-stack.js into lib/cdk-app-stack.js# 3. setup the Lambda functionmkdir lambda && touch 4. bootstrap the CDK applicationcdk bootstrap# 5. (optional) synthesize as a CloudFormation templatecdk synth# 6. deploy the CDK stackcdk deploy# 7. empty the s3 bucket# 8. destroy the stackcdk destroy

Figure 2

When deploy successful we will go to s3 bucket console upload sample image

and see result will be saved on DynamoDB like picture below




AI Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

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AI Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

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